Bow Out by Eels

The new Eels album has been out for a while now and because there is so so so much new music being released at the moment i have not listened to it that much, but I really like it a lot. Also I'm going to see them live again in June and it's going to be great.
This song was the one that kind of peeked out from the first listen, I don't really know why but I like it a lot. It's pretty sentimental and melancholic but (as you can tell haha) I like that. My boyfriend always says that he woould have killed himself a long time ago if he would have to listen to all that depressing stuff that I like, but...yeah I am still alive and well (doing pretty good right now actually).
Anyways, just listen to it. If you like it that's great and if you don't thats ok too. I'm trying to be less of a music-nazi, yup yup.


Don't Speak by Manchester Orchestra (No Doubt Cover)

I do believe that this is one of the best covers in the history of music. It is almost 15 minutes long, it's painful, it's tender, it's heartbreak, anger, love, pain and everything else transformed into music. I really do like the original song by No Doubt, but this...it feels like this is how the song is supposed to be. It's so much less pretty, but more 'real' instead. I'll stop writing things about it now because I can't find the right words anyways, just know that this song has made me cry about my non-existent broken heart, which is quite an impressive achievement.

"Our memories
Well, they can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening
As we die, both you and I
With my head in my hands
I sit and cry"


Got it All (This Can't Be Living Now) by Portugal. the Man

So, if you don't know Portugal. The Man, here a two things you should know about them: they make beautiful music and they make beautiful artwork to surround their beautiful music in physical form. So buy their CDs, or LPs, just do it, they're worth every penny.
In The Mountain In The Cloud is their seventh album and to me, it's one of the best albums ever recorded. It's just perfect, every song is great, I could listen to it forever. All those melodies, they give me a warm, welcoming feeling, and I really have no words to describe it all, just know that it's one of my favorites of all time.

"I want a world like my teacher told me it would be
I want a love like my parents told me it would be

When I was born I defied your times
But they were nothing, nothing like mine
We'll shake, shake, shake the night away
We shook, shook, shook the night away

Feels like school again
But well it's alright man...
We'll find that at the bottom of it all"


Sweet Song by Blur

There are these songs that are just perfect.
You discover them in the exact moment where you need them and they make you feel the right things and think about exactly what you need to think about and give you comfort and motivate you and just make everything right, when moments ago, it was all wrong. And there is no use looking for them, they will find you.
This is one of them for me.

"What am I to do
Someone here is really not happy
Put myself on a line
It seems I never got through to you
So I wean myself off slowly

I'm a darkened soul
My streets all pop music and gold
Our lives are on TV
You switch off and try to sleep
People get so lonely"


In Our Prime by The Black Keys

It's no secret that I love the Black Keys and I absolutely adore their new album 'Turn Blue' (EXCEPT for the album artwork - jesus christ who is responsible for this? Yes I would like to read all the information and shit but I can't because my eyes will fucking explode if I look at it for longer than one second). But anyways - you might have heard that it turned out to be pretty psychedelic and different from their other records and that is kind of true, but at least I can still hear their own thing underneath the costumes of sound they put on their songs and I think it's great.
This one might be my favorite (hard to choose one, though). The simplicity of the beginning, the slow and melodic build up and then that rhythm change, it's brilliant. Just listen to it and then give the other songs a try (you can find the whole album on youtube if you want to).

"Pour me down the drain, I disappear
Like every honest thing I used to hear

Like every lover hovers in my mind
We made our mark when we were in our prime
The house it burned, but nothing there was mine
We had it all when we were in our prime"


You're So Dark by the Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys - You're So Dark (Official Audio) von domino

Since I saw them live last month I am pretty much hardcore fangirling the Arctic Monkeys, so you can imagine how excited I was when this song came out. It is the B-side for their new single 'One for the Road' and I fucking love it. The references are great, and I love the images that this song brings to mind (no naughtiness here, I swear). I always try to picture the woman or girl he sings about and I love what my mind creates when I do that, it is like a small short film about her really, and about him, admiring her from afar, hiding in the shadows and keeping his own imagination busy. In my mind I always see that whole thing in black and white, god knows why, but it really suits the song. God, I wish I could share what I imagine better, but science is not ready for that yet I suppose.

"And you're so mysterious
Got that obsession with death
I saw you driving your Prius
And even that was Munster Koach-esque
You watch Italian horror and you listen to the scores
Leather-clad and spiked collar
I want you down on all fours
'Cause you're so dark, babe
But I want you hard

You're so dark, babe
I know you're nothing like mine
'Cause she's walking on sunshine
And your love would tear us apart
And I know I'm not your type
'Cause I don't shun the daylight
But baby I'm willing to start"


Infallible by Pearl Jam

I bought Pearl Jams new album 'Lightning Bolt' today and I love it, I listen to it all the time. Especially this song, I don't know, it just stands out to me from all the songs on the album, it's such a masterpiece.
And there are great news: they are coming to Europe again, and I will go and see them in Berlin, tickets will be available from next friday 10 am, and guess who will buy one then, haha. But I am still looking for someone to accompany be, because none of my friends likes Pearl Jam (or at least not enough to spend 75 bucks on a concertticket) (yup expensive, but they are so worth it!). I am already so excited, I almost hyperventilated when I found out about the show. If any of you are planning to go too, just leave me a comment or message me on last.fm or anything, I'd love to not go alone.

"Wanna third second chance
Put your faith in big hands
Pay no more than a glance

All good things come to an end
This could be good as it gets
How's the view from the fence?

You think we been here before
You are mistaken
Of everything that's possible
In the hearts and minds of men

When progress could be plausible
In reverse we curse ourselves
By thinking we're infallible
We are tempting fate instead"